Saturday, October 07, 2006

Even if you dont like Micro builds....

This one is worth more than a glance.

Builder Jason "GoldenBoy" Allemann, kicks some serious micro ass!

Well..... to be totally honest, he kicked it over a year ago, when he displayed it at BF 05, but apparently he is a serious slacker when it comes to posting about it! (Says the woman that still has not posted her dollhouse that debute months prior to that same event.)

Fellow ParLUGger (member of ParLUGment) has put me to shame, of course, thats mainly because I havent learned the fine art of "polishing" my mocs. Oh well!

Check out his micro builds on his website...

Apparently he is known for some huge crappy space ships (surely I jest!)... but imo, that just touches the surface of his building expertise. He has some great brickfilms (Under "Movies") as well as one of my all time favourite mocs, Junkbot (Under "Sculpture").

Don't mind the mocking, he can dish it out better than I can, and trust me, he does.