Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breakfast Television

Had a very early but fun morning today, as I had the pleasure a few minutes of airtime on Breakfast Television to show a bit of what we can do with bricks.

As you can see, the main presentation, centre stage is the BT Logo.

Added to the Logo, I brought along few of my more “iconic” Mocs, that I felt were either current for this time of year (poppy mosaic, holiday gingerbread, Santa and his reindeer or would show well on camera such as my Mountie (who sure has made the rounds), box of crayons and vase of flowers. I threw in the Flying Spagetti Monster, just to show how organic bricks can be, and rounded out the display with one of my first models, the TTC (hoping to earn some “local” points with that one).

The segment was short, but fun, and I really enjoyed representing our hobby to a wider audience.

You can check out the rest of the pictures in this flickr folder.

I have to thank Chris for getting me to the station on time, and with all my bricks in tact. Driving downtown Toronto is not for me, nor is an early morning, so it was especially nice to have the help. I think Chris was enjoying himself as well, sort of like “going home” for him to be in a studio, uh.... that was.... until we were both roped in to sit in on an earlier segment which was a mock auction. Poor guy.