Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blast from the past...

While searching BS, I found this post by JanK...

Really cool set imo, because there are tons of alternates that cross themes... you will see castle, town, and space, as well as technical type models. This set is something I wish they would do more of!


Contains Small Parts...

Posted by... "MrGrayScale"

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death Star

Im not a fan of many of the Star Wars sets... mostly because I am not really a Star Wars fan (ok, truth be told, I have never seen a Star Wars film, and I plan on keeping it that way!)... but, if I was forced at gun point to pick and build a Star Wars set... this would be the one I would build.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Stunning... Advent Calendar


This is just a small sample of the Advent Calendar that brickshelf user, MisaQa posted this holiday. As a special treat, she redid them all in a white version as well. Beautiful work.

Hit the up button to see some of her other work, outstanding stuff.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Season's Greetings

Joy to the World....

Please note, this globe is not mine... well it is.... now, but I didnt build it.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a safe and happy new year.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Help me solve this mystery...

Today was a bit of an "early" Christmas for me. I ended up getting 7 packages of BL orders and the UPS man brought me one of my ebay purchases.

I noted that one of the packages did not have a return address, and when I opened it, there was no note and it wasn't an order. It was a gift.

Anyhow, in a mad rush to get the garbage out (last pick up before the Holidays) I tossed all the packaging before I thought of at least checking the post mark. So now I have this lovely gift and no clue who sent it to me. I would like to thank the person that did send it, so please let me know.

rtl21- Tug of War

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The eBrick Gallery

Many of you all know about my passion for art and one of my favourite types of builds are of the more artistic endeavours. For the last number of years I have been book-marking and saving Lego pics to my hard drive that are of that nature.

When I spent the last week organising them, I decide to turn them into a Gallery.

So it is my pleasure to announce...

Featuring a few hundred thumbnail photos of work (with links to larger versions, or in some cases links to folders or websites that are relative) and representing over 140 different “Brick Artists”

Often there are amazing pieces of “Brick Art” that seem to get lost in the shuffle because they aren’t theme specific. Art is probably one of the least promoted or exploited themes so I decided to make take this gallery online to celebrate, encourage and support the amazing works of “Brick Art” that is being made.

The galleries have both work of my own, as well as collected photos or links that belong to others. In many cases I was not able to credit the original author. If TeBAG has any photos that are yours, that are not credited to you, please let me know so you can be given credit or if you do not want to be part of the gallery please alert me so I can remove your work.

The galleries feature many different builders and their amazing works. Many of which you have may never have seen (they are not all from flickr or brickself... and some that you might have forgotten about and others yet that are worth another look).

There are five Art Galleries...

Metal Work, Painting, Glass Work, Sculpture, Fig Work.

I also get a huge kick out of seeing how Lego impacts life, so the TeBAG contains a few other “non-Moc” galleries of Lego related art...

Body Art, Advertising, Toying with Life

My favourite Graffiti which was inspired by this Brothers Brick blog post

The whole gallery concept was also inspired by many brickself users that were doing art representations of “Real Masters”, Minifig Museum of Modern Art and the Walker Gallery (all of which are featured on the Fig Works page.)

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Gingerbread Holiday Home...

Happy Holidays,

From our house to yours.

Every year my children and I make a Gingerbread house as a holiday tradition.

Sometimes it’s a traditional house covered in candy, sometimes something crafted out of odds & ends or craft supplies.

In fact, we are well known around here for the ones made entirely out of dark, milk and white chocolate.

BUT This year, the house is made of ABS...

The Gingerbread Holiday Home... with sloped brick “icing”, “chocolate” doors/window and “candy-cane” pillars. The roof is shingled in boat stud “Smarties” and the yard is surrounded with tile and tire “licorice all sorts” and 2 by 2 round “gumdrop” fence. The windows are lined with trans yellow “candy” that shines with the help of some Lego lights and a battery box that resides inside the house.

Enjoy all my holiday MOC pics here.

May all your presents have that familiar rattle....
and hopefully this post will find you in good health, and amongst friends or family this holiday season.

Need some more holiday fun???
Has building a small set lost the challenge???

... do what all the "cool" ALES are doing... build the set IN THE BAG...

Monday, December 04, 2006


One HUGE Lego man, made out of cardboard... posted by "Onesimus"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mmmmm.... Yummy

Lovely Red ABS... just before it gets melted and molded into my favourite toy.
Business Week Online. Click it, you know you wanna... wink!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Although maybe just a bit too much American pride for some...

Another cool vid...


Well loved characters....

Im just a little old rain cloud....
Too cute! Winnie the Pooh... posted by "junlego"

Snoopy and Wallace & Grommit... posted by "MisaQa"

Its like no cheese I ever tasted...

Poor Bugs!
Witch Hazel posted by "tremor"

And this "Hey Arnold" set posted by "cre8ivejuan"

As well, as "Count Blockula's" Sesame Street

Click hinges...

Most AFOLs were never pleased with the TLC's move from finger hinges to click hinges...

But I must say...
this builder sure make an awesome use of a unliked part...

Check out the "side mirrors" on "srezkall" Mustang.

Also some other great parts on that Mustang, such as the new car roof as a hood, the sleek new curve on the trunk and the great little one by one slope on the side doors. Over all a great use of new parts used in interesting ways.

If you click "up" on his folder link, you will see a bunch of other great vehicles.

Cool Finds...

Thought this was cute... (its very short, but made me giggle)
by "BobBongo"

and this one too...
by "FlipGrashuepfer"

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am in the process of rebuilding my Lego Fair from over two years ago. Thankfully my brick building knowledge, selection of parts and technical skills have improved a fair (no pun intended) bit since then. The whole goal of this project is to have fairly reliable display of typical working rides, in a very small (relative) footprint at a realistic fig scale (or as close as possible) that wouldnt overwhelm a train display in its size.

So far, work has been slow, but many of the rides are being over hauled, the Carousel has been rebuilt and was displayed last weekend (although is still being tweaked).

Here is a short clip of it at our last layout. As you maybe can see, the new version has 12 horses riding up and down and 4 stationary rides, for the little figs to young or old to manage a big scary horse.

Here is the historical overview of the original...

The "Lego 5 cent Fair" originally was built in a few weeks rush, for the childrens area for a Railfair layout in Ottawa with my Parluggers.

Here is my Brickshelf folder that has some stills of it.
Here is the Lugnet post that describes the fun I had with that layout.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Train Show

Trains, trains, trains, and more trains!

Hmm, did I mention trains???
On Nov.18 and 19th (my birthday) at the International Centre in Toronto, rtlToronto & OBB impressed the crowds with their most recent train layout. The participants, Dave K, Cameron, John G, Calum T, Jeff VW, Derek R, Jeremy T, and I set up our Lego train display at the annual train show. Sadly, I forgot to get a group shot, although I did take a few pictures of the layouts, link to follow shortly (my USB on my laptop does not work, so I have to wait until I return home.)

As always, it's a total pleasure to see Dave (our organiser) as well as his part of the layout. Dave's layout is a work in progress, as he is developing a mix of old and new. Meaning, that his layout section in many ways, seems to have the most traditional "Lego from our childhood" feel as he drives traditional looking trains of his own design thru tunnels and open track, but also has many new features that make it interesting such as his automated train version of the GBC and an awesome cantilevered bridge.

My layout attached to Dave's via two sections of rail. This year, I presented my version of a quasi 1950's look, featuring my Silver Brick diner, Drive In theatre, parks, working carousel, and a Covered Kissing bridge. Of course, in light of my recent enthusiasm for the growing wind turbines we are seeing popping up all over Ontario, I placed 3 of them on my layout as well.

At the end of my layout, we created a "dogbone" of track, so Dave's trains could ride the rails throughout both of our layouts. Cameron filled this area with his custom cars, and train station.

Originally we had planned on joining up to the other builders via this amazing suspension bridge that John built, but sadly, the height difference in our layouts made this impossible. On a personal note, I would like to thank John for the technical feedback and help he gave to me, on working on a solution for improving my carousel.

Calum, Jeff, Derek, and Jeremy have a multi-layered work in progress design being developed that has nooks and crannies filled with interesting frames of structure and details instead of the more traditional extensive landscaping their last display had. When its completed it should be an amazing display.

I have no clue what Calum's area will contain but currently Jeff's area is beginning to be filled with detailed buildings that draw the viewers eye deep into the middle of the display of the various levels. There is plenty of great detailing and eye candy to be engaged with.

Derek's area currently has this intricate maze of grey pillars and supports, that are artistically done as a place holder until he returns from his sabbatical. He plans to add various, almost "escher-esque" looking buildings as well, Derek added a very cool working Ferris Wheel displayed, and even though I teased him it was too oversized, it was certainly more impressive than my carousel.

Jeremy's module ends out their display, and this is the one I am waiting for to be finished. So far the progress is amazing, he has this complex shaped building that cantilevers off the edge of the table and eventually will be worked into this organic design, I don't want to share any more details, because I believe, once finished minus that annoying tooth piece, this will be a sight to behold.

By far, this section by these four guys is a way more ambitious project than I am ready for, and I look forward to seeing their layout progress.

Special notes, we had a few friendly faces drop in and join us for some time over the weekend. As always, it's a total pleasure to see those AFOLS that we know from our share interest. Also, thanks to Liam, for being so much fun to be with.

Thank you Dave for organising it, and thanks guys!
Its always a pleasure to display my offerings with the stellar contributions of this fine group of builders.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The OBB (Ontario Brick Builders) goes "Official"...

Next steps...
LOGO - calling all participants, we are in need of a LOGO for the OBB.
Anyone have any ideas???

Jobs to do over the next month...
Documenting the history of this group.
Collecting picture links.
Website. FAQ.
Organising side bar at Lugnet.

Planning for the future of the group...
May show?? NMRA???

Hobby Show 2007
- tables, skirting, banner...

Will update with links when we get a bit more down on "paper".


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Folders not to be missed...

Posted by "cbolego", the walking dead stroll here...

Posted by "Moko" some awesome micro here...

Posted by " Jonathanlopes" very detailed streetscapes here

Posted by my friend Dave (aka "sparky"), a vid of his beyond cool pneumatic compressor train at Youtube

Another cool link...

Check this out, (from my fellow ParLUGgers)...


and the blog behind the vid...

Hobby Show

Wow, another November well under way and another Hobby Show by the OBB(Ontario Brick Builders) under our belts.

This year makes our 4th year in participating, and what an awesome show it was!

Allan Beford photo credit.

See the announcement here...
See the recap here...

Allan's pics here ...
Dave's vids here ...

My own pic links to follow.


Vote for me on!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Even if you dont like Micro builds....

This one is worth more than a glance.

Builder Jason "GoldenBoy" Allemann, kicks some serious micro ass!

Well..... to be totally honest, he kicked it over a year ago, when he displayed it at BF 05, but apparently he is a serious slacker when it comes to posting about it! (Says the woman that still has not posted her dollhouse that debute months prior to that same event.)

Fellow ParLUGger (member of ParLUGment) has put me to shame, of course, thats mainly because I havent learned the fine art of "polishing" my mocs. Oh well!

Check out his micro builds on his website...

Apparently he is known for some huge crappy space ships (surely I jest!)... but imo, that just touches the surface of his building expertise. He has some great brickfilms (Under "Movies") as well as one of my all time favourite mocs, Junkbot (Under "Sculpture").

Don't mind the mocking, he can dish it out better than I can, and trust me, he does.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Too COOL!!! ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun

A friend of mine linked me to this video....

Check this out...

More info here... Sebastian Dick's "mocpages"

Pirates of the Caribbean

Bit early for Oct... but I couldnt resist posting!

Brickshelf user "kamikazek" has posted a great pirate skull sculpture based on the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie poster. I think the use of tan instead of white really works for this sculpture, the proportions are very nice, and the detail are well executed (pun not intended).

I especially love the jaw line and the teeth. The use of a non-Lego part (the scarf) works, although I would love to see a Lego solution instead. The accoutrements really stand out and make this unique, particularly the used of "pen beads", bling, and my most favourite part.... the "little man" talisman.

Check out the rest of his folder...
he has some great little sculptures and another favourite of mine is "Jack's Studio Home"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Totally Impressive - The Collectivity Project

Well its been over a month since I last posted. Between BrickFest and building for upcoming events, and re-sorting/organising my collection... I was sort of burnt out.

All that changed today when Hogne B. Pettersen mentioned this story on Lugnet, and I was blown away.

The Collectivity Project.

An installation by Olafur Eliasson.

The Lugnet post that caught my attention...
News article linked from that post....
"....on Saturday, when no less than three tons of white Lego blocks were literally dumped on the museum plaza known as Tullinløkka."

Olafur Eliasson
(Which shows a few pics from "The Collectivity Project, 2005, Tirana, Albania")

Flickr pics (the two on this page, as well as a ton more!)

From "csant" blog...
"You are invited to build with Lego on the table. Make a model of your dream-museum, or of how you think the future architecture in Oslo should look like. From September 2nd to September 17th, 2006, Oslo is the stage for Olafur Eliasson's most recent installation - he dumped 3 tons of white Lego bricks on the square behind the National Gallery, and everybody is invited to contribute. The result is simply breathtakingly beautiful. After September 17th everything will be dismantled and become part of an upcoming exhibition."
The upcoming exhibition explained ... from this news article...
"The Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson called for the Lego blocks or Collectivity Project, set to become part of another exhibit, Art in Turbulent Times, which opens in October at the Contemporary Art Museum. The exhibit will include videos of people working with the Legos as well as examples of their constructions."

I am a huge fan of community art projects, even have run a few myself. Even tho I have seen a few done with Lego, this one has to top the list. What an amazing idea, both creatively fascinating, socially enthralling and visually stunning. Some of the work is absolutely gorgeous not even mentioning the fact that the selection of bricks they are working from seems limited to plates and bricks, even without "special" pieces the finished works have outstanding shape and design. I love the feel of the monochromatic colour scheme which makes everything work so well together. I can not say enough good things about this project, except for the fact that I hope there will be more along this idea.

Here are a few more great shots at BS, posted by "aha"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"NEW" Advent Calendar

I was surprised to find that Lego repeated their advent calendar idea from last year... and kept it in the "City" theme. Of course, the theme and feel of the calendar is identical, the parts are a wee bit different, so while it may seem like deja vu, rest assured this is 2006 and not 2005 and this indeed is a brand new set.

Of course, I never would have even realised it, unless my friendly neighbourhood Lego store manager had not pointed that whole fact out to me.

AND of course, being the greedy and impatient soul I am... I bought two and ripped right into it them, instead of waiting to open door number one on the first of Dec.


Shortly after posting this entry... Andrew B left a comment asking for pics. I was just about to do that when I noticed this folder at Brickshelf. Looks like someone (user "
UHAUHA") already did a wonderful job of photographing the new advent calendar.

From "Uhauha" pics...

This guy was my favourite fig out of the assortment, due to the fact that his shirt is a new print, at least new for my collection.

This was my favourite "day". The vice is very convincing looking and I look forward to using it in a MOC. This one reminded me of my last years favourite (the drill press) and nicely complements it.

I just love these little tools sets.

Lastly, I think this one qualifies for the worst "day"... what it is, I am not entirely sure... since it followed the cop, I assume is some sort of radar device... I think it's a poor excuse for a town/city creation, and I do think Lego could have managed a bit better on this day.

Oh well, they have 24 days next year to try, try again.

Amazing Fig Scaled furniture ideas....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Head and ObGyn

Had a few spare moments so I thought I would get the "ball" rolling on the
Dirty Bricks' 06 contest... and posted my first two entries at JLUG.

Here is the quick link to both...

Joe Gets Some Head

Telling Chat at the ObGyn

Im sure the rest of the contestants will totally out do me. For for now, this is the BEST of the BEST... Wink!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dirty Bricks '06, all ~THAT~ and a bag of chips!

Well, the time has come again to have a nice friendly competition...

There are contests that showcase a builder's skill.
There are contests that showcase a builder's creativity.
There are even contests that showcase a builder's sense of humour.
This contest is all that and a bag of chips!!!

Want to win.... well how low can you go???

"Dirty Bricks ‘06" brought to you by a combined effort between

There are two sets of judges!
Two sets of prizes!
And that means double the chance to bring home some swag!

Check it out, cool prizes to be won, and lots of dirty fun to be had!

Bring out yer dead!.... errr I mean, bring out yer dirt!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Big bold and beautiful Brickshelf finds...

Posted by "torgugick" here.

Posted by "Marwede" here.

Posted by "oppienokki" here.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hey this isn't Rocklands...

Posted by "deborah higdon-leblond"... folder here.

A friend of mine made this great MOC regarding the fate of our free time while at BF this year. This "posh" bar is the example of where we might end up, instead of our normal watering hole, Rocklands.

I had seen this MOC in person, just before she had finished of the last bit of detailing. I love the "bling" on the bar and the attention to detail, ....and who can resist a MOC, when they are the "star"????
I must say, I am pretty honoured, and very impressed. Thanks deborah.

Hey wait a minute, are those one by one by two chrome rounds from my diner???

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I think I am in love....

How much is that doggy in the window??? I sure hope that doggys for sale!

OMG he is so cute!!!!

Cosmodog has to be one of the cutest Lego creations I have ever seen....
Posted by "fabianhh1", a 37 year old builder from Hamburg.
Surprisingly low piece count of around 600 for so much "function" (walking, head turning, head lifting and lowering, ears moving and wagging tail). Clean looking construction and just an overall "Cuteness" rating of 5 stars. Well done!

Check out his vid of Cosmo.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lego Graffiti...

WOW... while checking out some of my favourite blogs...

The "Brothers Brick" posted this...
and all I can say is WOW!

While they state they don't endorse vandalism, and I will agree with that in theory, (just as another posted added) those bits of graffiti fall into a category of street art that I am glad exists.

Colour me impressed and hide the spray paint, 'cause I am feeling the uncontrollable urge to go paint the town red........ brick.

Cool You Tube Lego Related Posts....

While we are talking Lego vids... and yes, we were talking Lego vids...

Check out a few of my favourite Lego "You Tube" vids.

Posted by "poopster101" - Lego

Posted by "Joe Powney" - Spiderman

Posted by "Rohschinken" - Lego Beer Song
(and before you go looking for those bottles - they are not Lego!)

and Posted by for those of you that havent seen it...
the White Strips vid (posted by "clafm")

Friday, July 21, 2006

I pinch Lego Elements...

Another one night build....

Yesterday I mentioned to a friend, "Hey I should do that Honda - I PINCH - commercial in Lego." His reply, "Yes you should, it would be funny"... So last night, instead of working... I wanted to have a bit of fun, so I decided to go ahead and make the Element commercial out of Lego.

Mr. Crab and (not so loopy) palm tree would be too easy, quick search of the parts, and 2 out of the 3 needed props were done. The Element itself would need to be built. I do not enjoy building cars.... especially in minifig"ish" scale... so I decided not to worry about it in the least. Grabbed some orange, and black... 4 wheels... two car roof pieces... some trans black for the windscreen and the windows, and decided to call it "done". I guess it turned out looking somewhat like an Element, at least enough to pull off the commercial.

Now, I could have spent all night carefully taking pics and putting it seemlessly together into a smooth production.... but that is really not the point. So I banged off 20-30 pics, threw out a few of them, and using Windows Movie Maker... I finished the "joke". The soundtrack is "tinny" because I couldnt find a version of the sound track that WMM would take, so I played it, and just slammed my speakers up to the mic to make a second rate recording.

Again... the whole point being... this was supposed to be a fun, fast, easy build for a laugh, and not a real serious moc, or production.

Anyhow, here it is... enjoy it ... errr or not...
Oh yeah... "I pinch!!"

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Posted by "legomandan"... This is his "self portrait" of him and his daughter playing with one of his favourite classic space sets.

Well Dan, I think you did an amazing job, and although I have no idea if it has any likeness to yourself, I really love the way you pulled it off! Nice use of duplo for the back drop, amazing part choices for things such as your ears, and nice proportions through out. I love the way you did the sneakers, as well as the "builds" you both have in front of you. Awesome work!

Sticks and Stones...

Disclaimer... No figs were beaten into submission for this post.

Often my Lego projects are long, involved and take way too many Bricklink orders to finish. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy those projects immensely!

But sometimes I just want to "play"...
To make simple builds, that only use the parts in my collection, and take only an evening to build. Those are the "rules" to my "one night builds" and very much like a "one night stands" they take little emotional, mental or physical effort, and the result is usually not note worthy (not that this one really is either, giggle). Most often, these "one night builds" quickly end up sorted back into my collection in a relatively short time span. Seldom do they even get photo documented, but this time I could not resist.

It started with last year, between a few JLUG contests here and here (note entry #25) ... and some inspiration that came from BF, where Robin W (at least I believe it was his) had a long chain made of click hinges.

EDIT: (and then edited again for clarity)....
OOPS, my apologies, and a correction, chain credit goes to Michael Harrod, of the self crowned title "
The Chain Originator" fame... due to him winning ~Most Intriguing Sculpture~ at BrickFest 2005" - with his "chain link" MOC’s named “Multiplicity: A Study in Using Multiple Copies of a Single Element,” or and I quote "something along those lines."

I thought that was the best use of an element that I rarely find the need for, so I took mine and built some chain, (3 of them to be exact, one in black, one in new grey and one in old grey). The chain seemed a bit lonely... which got me to thinking one night... which is never a good idea.

And this is the result of my "one night builds".

"Friday Night"
Sticks & Stones...
will break my bones.
But Whips & Chains,
~EXCITE~ me!

Black and Grey Chain, Cat of Nine Tails (brown handle),
Flogger (white handle), and Crop ("braided" black handle)

This "collection" is now part of my ...
"Satiated Sculpture Series"
starting with this original one...
"Saturday Night"

Enjoy, I know I did, wink!