Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cool You Tube Lego Related Posts....

While we are talking Lego vids... and yes, we were talking Lego vids...

Check out a few of my favourite Lego "You Tube" vids.

Posted by "poopster101" - Lego

Posted by "Joe Powney" - Spiderman

Posted by "Rohschinken" - Lego Beer Song
(and before you go looking for those bottles - they are not Lego!)

and Posted by for those of you that havent seen it...
the White Strips vid (posted by "clafm")


C. Straaberg said...

Yeah, I know, dig some old post in peoples blogs, and let them run around confused looking for it. This is a comment for a post on Juy 23rd :-)

Cool vids, I found some too, for instance this "cd thrower":
2 videos:

Sorry, if you knew them :-)

Build on!

Janey Red Brick said...

Those are cool, thanks for sharing.