Thursday, December 21, 2006

Help me solve this mystery...

Today was a bit of an "early" Christmas for me. I ended up getting 7 packages of BL orders and the UPS man brought me one of my ebay purchases.

I noted that one of the packages did not have a return address, and when I opened it, there was no note and it wasn't an order. It was a gift.

Anyhow, in a mad rush to get the garbage out (last pick up before the Holidays) I tossed all the packaging before I thought of at least checking the post mark. So now I have this lovely gift and no clue who sent it to me. I would like to thank the person that did send it, so please let me know.


Anonymous said...

It would seem you have a secret admirer. Oh what fun someone is having knowing you are going crazy wondering who he is.

Janey Red Brick said...

Yes, yes it is, and now I am wondering who left this message, could it be both the same person???

Wonder if eblogger saves IPs???