Monday, September 25, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean

Bit early for Oct... but I couldnt resist posting!

Brickshelf user "kamikazek" has posted a great pirate skull sculpture based on the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie poster. I think the use of tan instead of white really works for this sculpture, the proportions are very nice, and the detail are well executed (pun not intended).

I especially love the jaw line and the teeth. The use of a non-Lego part (the scarf) works, although I would love to see a Lego solution instead. The accoutrements really stand out and make this unique, particularly the used of "pen beads", bling, and my most favourite part.... the "little man" talisman.

Check out the rest of his folder...
he has some great little sculptures and another favourite of mine is "Jack's Studio Home"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Janey,
thanks for the feedback and stuff. Nice to have made your blog! FYI - I just took home the "Best 3D Art" from the NWBrickCon 2006 with the skull MOC!
Thanks for the plug!