Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am in the process of rebuilding my Lego Fair from over two years ago. Thankfully my brick building knowledge, selection of parts and technical skills have improved a fair (no pun intended) bit since then. The whole goal of this project is to have fairly reliable display of typical working rides, in a very small (relative) footprint at a realistic fig scale (or as close as possible) that wouldnt overwhelm a train display in its size.

So far, work has been slow, but many of the rides are being over hauled, the Carousel has been rebuilt and was displayed last weekend (although is still being tweaked).

Here is a short clip of it at our last layout. As you maybe can see, the new version has 12 horses riding up and down and 4 stationary rides, for the little figs to young or old to manage a big scary horse.

Here is the historical overview of the original...

The "Lego 5 cent Fair" originally was built in a few weeks rush, for the childrens area for a Railfair layout in Ottawa with my Parluggers.

Here is my Brickshelf folder that has some stills of it.
Here is the Lugnet post that describes the fun I had with that layout.

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