Monday, November 20, 2006

Train Show

Trains, trains, trains, and more trains!

Hmm, did I mention trains???
On Nov.18 and 19th (my birthday) at the International Centre in Toronto, rtlToronto & OBB impressed the crowds with their most recent train layout. The participants, Dave K, Cameron, John G, Calum T, Jeff VW, Derek R, Jeremy T, and I set up our Lego train display at the annual train show. Sadly, I forgot to get a group shot, although I did take a few pictures of the layouts, link to follow shortly (my USB on my laptop does not work, so I have to wait until I return home.)

As always, it's a total pleasure to see Dave (our organiser) as well as his part of the layout. Dave's layout is a work in progress, as he is developing a mix of old and new. Meaning, that his layout section in many ways, seems to have the most traditional "Lego from our childhood" feel as he drives traditional looking trains of his own design thru tunnels and open track, but also has many new features that make it interesting such as his automated train version of the GBC and an awesome cantilevered bridge.

My layout attached to Dave's via two sections of rail. This year, I presented my version of a quasi 1950's look, featuring my Silver Brick diner, Drive In theatre, parks, working carousel, and a Covered Kissing bridge. Of course, in light of my recent enthusiasm for the growing wind turbines we are seeing popping up all over Ontario, I placed 3 of them on my layout as well.

At the end of my layout, we created a "dogbone" of track, so Dave's trains could ride the rails throughout both of our layouts. Cameron filled this area with his custom cars, and train station.

Originally we had planned on joining up to the other builders via this amazing suspension bridge that John built, but sadly, the height difference in our layouts made this impossible. On a personal note, I would like to thank John for the technical feedback and help he gave to me, on working on a solution for improving my carousel.

Calum, Jeff, Derek, and Jeremy have a multi-layered work in progress design being developed that has nooks and crannies filled with interesting frames of structure and details instead of the more traditional extensive landscaping their last display had. When its completed it should be an amazing display.

I have no clue what Calum's area will contain but currently Jeff's area is beginning to be filled with detailed buildings that draw the viewers eye deep into the middle of the display of the various levels. There is plenty of great detailing and eye candy to be engaged with.

Derek's area currently has this intricate maze of grey pillars and supports, that are artistically done as a place holder until he returns from his sabbatical. He plans to add various, almost "escher-esque" looking buildings as well, Derek added a very cool working Ferris Wheel displayed, and even though I teased him it was too oversized, it was certainly more impressive than my carousel.

Jeremy's module ends out their display, and this is the one I am waiting for to be finished. So far the progress is amazing, he has this complex shaped building that cantilevers off the edge of the table and eventually will be worked into this organic design, I don't want to share any more details, because I believe, once finished minus that annoying tooth piece, this will be a sight to behold.

By far, this section by these four guys is a way more ambitious project than I am ready for, and I look forward to seeing their layout progress.

Special notes, we had a few friendly faces drop in and join us for some time over the weekend. As always, it's a total pleasure to see those AFOLS that we know from our share interest. Also, thanks to Liam, for being so much fun to be with.

Thank you Dave for organising it, and thanks guys!
Its always a pleasure to display my offerings with the stellar contributions of this fine group of builders.

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