Thursday, August 17, 2006

"NEW" Advent Calendar

I was surprised to find that Lego repeated their advent calendar idea from last year... and kept it in the "City" theme. Of course, the theme and feel of the calendar is identical, the parts are a wee bit different, so while it may seem like deja vu, rest assured this is 2006 and not 2005 and this indeed is a brand new set.

Of course, I never would have even realised it, unless my friendly neighbourhood Lego store manager had not pointed that whole fact out to me.

AND of course, being the greedy and impatient soul I am... I bought two and ripped right into it them, instead of waiting to open door number one on the first of Dec.


Shortly after posting this entry... Andrew B left a comment asking for pics. I was just about to do that when I noticed this folder at Brickshelf. Looks like someone (user "
UHAUHA") already did a wonderful job of photographing the new advent calendar.

From "Uhauha" pics...

This guy was my favourite fig out of the assortment, due to the fact that his shirt is a new print, at least new for my collection.

This was my favourite "day". The vice is very convincing looking and I look forward to using it in a MOC. This one reminded me of my last years favourite (the drill press) and nicely complements it.

I just love these little tools sets.

Lastly, I think this one qualifies for the worst "day"... what it is, I am not entirely sure... since it followed the cop, I assume is some sort of radar device... I think it's a poor excuse for a town/city creation, and I do think Lego could have managed a bit better on this day.

Oh well, they have 24 days next year to try, try again.


Andrew B. said...

So, you gonna take pictures of the minifigs for us? ;-)

Janey Red Brick said...

Hmmm, I guess I could do that... hang on for a bit... need to find my cam.

RoscoHead said...

The vice and drill press are both included in the 10027 Train Shed, along with a very nice lathe and coffee percolator.

Janey Red Brick said...

Yes, thats one of the reasons I love that set! I bought two of them actually, so I could have a double wide shed.... but somewhere along the line (after being packed for a show, and broken into a few pieces on the way home) I lost one of the black sliding doors. Keep forgetting to place a BL order to replace it.