Monday, September 25, 2006

Too COOL!!! ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun

A friend of mine linked me to this video....

Check this out...

More info here... Sebastian Dick's "mocpages"

Pirates of the Caribbean

Bit early for Oct... but I couldnt resist posting!

Brickshelf user "kamikazek" has posted a great pirate skull sculpture based on the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie poster. I think the use of tan instead of white really works for this sculpture, the proportions are very nice, and the detail are well executed (pun not intended).

I especially love the jaw line and the teeth. The use of a non-Lego part (the scarf) works, although I would love to see a Lego solution instead. The accoutrements really stand out and make this unique, particularly the used of "pen beads", bling, and my most favourite part.... the "little man" talisman.

Check out the rest of his folder...
he has some great little sculptures and another favourite of mine is "Jack's Studio Home"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Totally Impressive - The Collectivity Project

Well its been over a month since I last posted. Between BrickFest and building for upcoming events, and re-sorting/organising my collection... I was sort of burnt out.

All that changed today when Hogne B. Pettersen mentioned this story on Lugnet, and I was blown away.

The Collectivity Project.

An installation by Olafur Eliasson.

The Lugnet post that caught my attention...
News article linked from that post....
"....on Saturday, when no less than three tons of white Lego blocks were literally dumped on the museum plaza known as Tullinløkka."

Olafur Eliasson
(Which shows a few pics from "The Collectivity Project, 2005, Tirana, Albania")

Flickr pics (the two on this page, as well as a ton more!)

From "csant" blog...
"You are invited to build with Lego on the table. Make a model of your dream-museum, or of how you think the future architecture in Oslo should look like. From September 2nd to September 17th, 2006, Oslo is the stage for Olafur Eliasson's most recent installation - he dumped 3 tons of white Lego bricks on the square behind the National Gallery, and everybody is invited to contribute. The result is simply breathtakingly beautiful. After September 17th everything will be dismantled and become part of an upcoming exhibition."
The upcoming exhibition explained ... from this news article...
"The Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson called for the Lego blocks or Collectivity Project, set to become part of another exhibit, Art in Turbulent Times, which opens in October at the Contemporary Art Museum. The exhibit will include videos of people working with the Legos as well as examples of their constructions."

I am a huge fan of community art projects, even have run a few myself. Even tho I have seen a few done with Lego, this one has to top the list. What an amazing idea, both creatively fascinating, socially enthralling and visually stunning. Some of the work is absolutely gorgeous not even mentioning the fact that the selection of bricks they are working from seems limited to plates and bricks, even without "special" pieces the finished works have outstanding shape and design. I love the feel of the monochromatic colour scheme which makes everything work so well together. I can not say enough good things about this project, except for the fact that I hope there will be more along this idea.

Here are a few more great shots at BS, posted by "aha"