Monday, June 04, 2007

I find humour everywhere...

There has been tons of (good) press for Nathan (a "certified" Lego artist) and for that I am happy for him and for the whole hobby.

Nice coverage, here, and here.

Congrats Nathan... nice to see some Lego Sculpture being recognised by the general public in a more "artistic way".

The part that is cracking me up, is this piece...

It's actually one of my favs, and I think it is executed very well. Nathan is quoted saying "This sculpture depicts an individual breaking out of a gray box, much like one may break out of a depression or a challenging situation."

While the "hard-core" Lego fans may find this piece controversial because of the use of so much "grey" (a colour that has caused a bit of angst with in the community) some parts of the general "hard-core" non-Lego fans, are finding just a tad bit more controversy which just makes me giggle.

It doesn't take a degree in "naughty" to figure out what some ppl maybe be thinking, and the web is a wonderful place of depravity. So its no surprise that there has been a subculture of ppl that feel Nathan might have been going for something just a tad bit more sexual. I will let you find those references all on your own.


Michael said...

Looks like a goatse. :)

Rosco said...

Sexual? I have no idea what you're talking about! Wink.

Carina said...

Wow...I've always wanted a large amount of legos, but I think I would make a life size Paul McCartney :D