Thursday, April 03, 2008


So glad Lego caught it... and thanks to all the work behind the scenes that Jake did to get them there. Way to go Community Guy!

This presentation
is really worth a watch. (If you are clueless when it comes to the Cluetrain... this article will set a few things straight...

I love some of the points he makes (been trying to make a few myself over the years) "5% of the audience... but the powerful message they make", and laughed and nodded along with things especially around "secrets" and "NDAs".

"Oops, sorry, cant talk about that"... "$250 spectrometer" ...OMG too funny!

So Jake, 3 guys walk into a bar.... errr I mean BrickFest... the CEO, the Lawyer, and Marketing Manager... (wink!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I respected what he did at TLG. I feel a bit sad about the reality of secrets, NDAs, CEO, Lawyer, and Marketing. But still, TLG has made a great shift.