Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Floor!

Okay, I was "forced" to do some math today, and I am not too happy about it...
And my calculations may be off... since math is soooo not my thing.

I had a dream that I decided to tile my house in Lego tiles...
So today, while playing around, I started to think, just what would that cost??

(Yes, I know, its not practical, Lego tiles would yellow, stain, scratch etc. but when has "practical" ever stopped me?)

So this is what I figured out.

4 two by two tiles = approximately one square inch.
Kitchen floor (minus the areas covered by cupboards)
is 12 feet by 14 feet = 168 square feet.
168 square feet = 24,192 square inches
24,192 square inches x 4 tiles = 96, 768 tiles
96, 768 tiles x .05 (average price for BL on white 2 by 2 tiles) = $4838.40

5 grand??? Hmmm, more reasonable than I would have thought.

Now, lets see... total house square footage....



Anonymous said...

Janey, Janey, you should get out more. Then you'd know it'd need a truckload of glue as well.

Janey Red Brick said...

Hmmm, it wouldnt need glue if I nailed big grey baseplates on the floor, wink!

Anonymous said...

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