Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taking a break...

I am taking a break from building because I have a few other pressing jobs on my plate right now, so updates to my own creations will be a bit slow... I thought I would instead share a few of my most recent favourites posted to brickshelf.

The other night while chatting with deborah she shared this link with me, and while BOTH of us admitted not really being big fans of vehicle mocs... one just could not deny the beauty in this.

Posted by "tmbgrulz"

The lines are beautiful, the detail supurb, and just the right amount of shiney chrome...
Wow, colour me impressed!

Then I found this great little camera, not many pieces, considering some mocs, but very clean and convincing... this makes me want to go make my own.

Posted by "Avro"

Now on the smaller more traditional building side... LOG CABINS

There are few nice little cabin creations that have caught my eye. More than likely because I am working on my own "cottage" but in a much larger scale.

My all time favourite cabin/cottage has to be this one, the building, the landscaping, everything, beautiful, well executed and just lovely to look at. (Was entered in the first ever JLUG contest and won second place.

Posted by "starwarsboy"

Here is a nice one from a larger train layout.

Posted by "mikeslego"

I think this would make a great set... its small enough to be affordable, it uses some interesting building techniques... and it looks like it has good playability. I personally am not a fan of the yellow accents, and much would have preferred them in tan, but otherwise I am pretty impressed with this little cottage.

Posted by "Hippotam"


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