Monday, March 31, 2008

Favourite all time sets...

An email discussion prompted me to list my top 10 favourite sets that Lego has issued....
(in no particular order)

And the last one, while its not really a set, still my favourite thing Lego has issued, Idea Book 6000, LEGOLAND

Now I would love to know, what is your favourite SET?


Bricktales said...

Hmm, rather than simply going with an all-time greatest hits, which would have some overlap with your list, I'll list my favorite 10 sets that I own:

1. 462, Rocket Launcher - my very first fig set and still an ideal representation of small sets

2. 6769 or 6762, Fort Legoredo - Such a fun set in a great line

3. 6765, Gold City Junction - My other favorite set from the Western theme - I really wish they'd done one more year of the theme with more "civilian" sets

4. 7181 - UCS TIE - One of the few sets I kept on display for several years after building it. Usually things are immediate MOC-fodder for me.

5. 7110, Landspeeder - Another great small set. I so wanted to be Luke when I was a kid (he was my 1977 Halloween costume, and it was really fun to swoosh this set around. Yes, sets have gotten smoother and more curvy in the more recent years, but this still seems more "LEGO-y" to me.

6. 3739 - Dan Siskind Blacksmith Shop - The whole MOC line was such a cool idea, and building this one was an education in building techniques.

7. 3052, Ninja's Fire Fortress - The whole ninja line was so cool and this mid-sized set is a great representation.

8. 4851 - The Origins - Best of the Spidey sets, IMO. Fairly cheap, but you get all the key figs, plus some great accessories.

9. 3443, Build your own mosaic - Really the precursor to the whole Factory idea. The mosaics were really time-consuming and tedious to make, but the finished product is so cool. As a parts pack this is awesome as well.

10. 483, Alpha-1 Rocket Base - I had to throw in another classic space set from my youth. I struggled between this one and Space Cruiser (never had Galaxy Explorer - sniff). Play value was very high with this one, and it was my first baseplate.

Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably have a different list. Maybe different SW things like the X-Wing or the MF, or I see I didn't include any Harry Potter sets, or Town, or, well, lots of things. I was tempted to put something silly like a brick separator in there. Since I'm a castle guy, it's surprising that I don't actually own a lot of castle sets. Mostly I get bulk bricks and figs.

Disobedient Tiger said...

God, seeing that Idea Book got me all teary-eyed.