Thursday, March 20, 2008

Few Mocs in the Making...

I currently have a number of unfinished Lego projects on the go. Sadly most of these were SUPPOSED to be done last November for the Hobby Show but I just ran out of time, and then put them away for the holidays.

Well, Im back at it, and I have a bit of preview of one project.

BETA hand Version 1.2

This project is far from complete, and currently I am not even sure how I will complete it (by low tech or high tech means) but I am happy with my progress. Over the years I have seen many other hand models presented, and some look amazing, and others work amazing, but my goal is to find a middle line somewhere between those two extremes.

Upon completion I will post to Lugnet, but for now, we will just keep it between us, wink.

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