Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hark I hear the sounds of common sense...

For years I have occasionally pulled out my soap box and lectured to the general direction of my favourite company for doing a disservice to themselves when it comes to female builders, be it adult or child.

I have stated, I have pleaded, I have done the dance... but I have used long winded science based arguments... or compassionate and impassioned speeches.

Today posted on a frequently viewed site of mine... was this understated vintage Lego ad and wow, I was impressed.

with this copy... "This vintage Lego ad features a young girl wearing plain play clothes and smiling proudly at her Lego creation. No princesses, no pink Legos, no glittery sparkles, just a girl and her toys, having a blast. Beautiful, indeed."

Lego, I beg you on bended knees, please hire this ad man/woman back, and have them design the 2010 "GIRL" themed line.


Ted Godwin said...

I saw this ad a couple weeks ago and had to immediately print it. It is on the wall of my cubicle now as a reminder of my daughter and her beautiful creations. It is also a reminder to me to not be so critical of all my kids artwork.

Janey Red Brick said...

Awesome Ted, you just put a huge smile on my face.

~LMM said...

Janey - thanks for posting this, I had not seen it before. LEGO should definitely try this approach to appeal to girls who are inclined to be future civil engineers, architects, programmers, electrical engineers, and other type of geeky girls!
Sure, Clickits are cute, but we girls are more than that ;-)

Anonymous said...

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