Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cafe Corner Style Fad

Cafe Corner style modular building, IMO, has become a blessing, and a curse.

Please, keep in mind, the following is just my humble opinion.

When the first in the series came out, I was impressed with Lego's styling... as were many people. It was a real departure from town buildings we had seen Lego delivery to us with for many years and I was just thrilled it wasnt another bloody Police Station.

Then the series grew (and is still growing) ... and I have personally liked (and bought, and built) each in the series... as has nearly everyone (with a love for town/city) and their brothers wives second cousins uncle Bob. Which in some cases raised the bar for some town builders, and in other cases sadly just brought us an onslaught of very badly done companion pieces.

I will admit, I am getting tired of the badly done ones, the ones that fall short on details, or boast horrible colour combinations, not to mention the ones that are such a slight variations from the originals its almost impossible to tell. For me it was starting to get a bit tedious, and my desire to find any other type of building styles was gaining popularity, so much so that I barely even bothered to look at any of this new fad.

Now, after saying all that, I must admit, some AFOLs are making some amazing ones out there... for example... I am blown away by Aliencat * versions so much that I hope you will check them out here.

By far my favourite is....

not only because they made it "their own", but also because it works so well.

All are quite good and worth the look.

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