Saturday, July 04, 2009

Well I am back...

The bricks are out, and I am building again, and wow, I almost forgot how much I love this hobby.

I have moved, and started a new LUG, with Jenn The-Brick-Chick....
Here is the info.

I have joined the masses at Flickr, so now I am actually seeing new mocs once again.
Here is my page, as I migrate my stuff over

And here is a cool moc I just finally saw posted by mm_falcon / Ben Ellermann

For now I leave you with The Pink Planet Retreat...

Come tour the Pink Planet Production Studio Project and Moonbase Retreat

It is a diverse yet simple sanctuary for the Y-chromosome-enhanced AFOLs. This Planet is not anti-male, its just predominantly pro female and of course, provocatively pink.

Here you will find tons of pink versions of fan created space mythology, credit listed within the photo descriptions.

The comments along the way describe the different features of the Pink Planet Retreat in a humourous way, please don’t have a look if you sent your appreciation of humour out for the day.

This MOC is dedicated to the female builders I love (they know who they are) and to mock typical female stereotypes, and tease some of the well know “Spacers” that are prolific and amazing builders. It was built with the utmost respect for both groups, but truly built with one tongue in my cheek.

It is my hope that this project is taken as a silly/fun/light hearted project it was and not a serious attempt at Moonbase or even “Quality” building of any kind. While you may feel compelled to give me a million ways to improve it, your effort will be lost, since this project was a one off, built around 2-3 years ago (although never posted) and has already been dismantled and sorted due to a shortage of white bricks I needed for my next project.

Cheers, and thanks for looking.

Janey “Pink.... errrr I mean, Red Brick”

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