Saturday, July 04, 2009

The interwebs are so cool....

So yesterday I uploaded my Pink Planet Retreat on flickr, then posted about it on Lugnet, and Classic Space... and figured that was about it.

I checked out my flickr stats, one of the cool features of taking a pro vrs a free account, and I happen to notice that some of my "referers" are from a place I have never heard of.

I believe this blog is in Swedish, but I am not entirely sure, and although I cant read the words to the post about my stuff, I sure can check out the pictures of other things this blog has posted as well, which I just think is so bloody cool.

So yes, this blog leads me to this folder... and frankly I can not decide which work I like the best. Their details are amazing, and so well done... the pictures speak for themselves.... go have a gander.


Johan said...

Yeah it's in swedish. The text says this:

"Even spacemen needs a pink fix from time to time. Then what's better than a visit to Janey Gunn's Pink Planet Retreat. Which, from what I can tell, is built according to the moonbase standard."

Don't remember where i "picked it up" I think it was in some of the flickr groups. But it might just as well have been on Classic-Space.

Janey Red Brick said...

Thanks for the translation Johan.