Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Blog???

Apparently both you and I have too much spare time.

I am "importing" my Lego related posts from my personal blog right now, which will explain why there are a few dated with todays date.

Every once and a while someone builds a MOC that blows my mind....

THIS was the case, when I first saw this pinball machine... it is so frigging cool and built by only two builders.

Gerrit Bronsveld and
Martijn Boogaarts from the Netherlands.

It so awesome! Of course, just the amount of work and effort is impressive, not to mention, 13 rcx, a crap load of motors, and sensors and all the other gory detail here, but can you beat the fact that it was displayed and played by over 400 kids at LegoWorld??? Too cool!

There is a great article here, which explains this MOC in much greater detail, and has more pictures to boot.

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