Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Current projects...

Currently I am in the progress of a number of Lego projects... (status)

Dollhouse refurbishing - (this project leaves my possession in 2 days - will have a post with pics to recount the history of this project from start to finish in the near future)

The Log Cabin - (which is the same scale as my "dollhouse" 1/4 complete)

The Pink Planet Moonbase - (first floor and corridors complete)

Space - another ship based on the cover of Wonder Stories - (1/3 complete)

Yet another Mosaic - (concept stage)

3 new Lug Bricks - (half complete)

GBC - Well, this project has been much longer than I had intended, and in the process, balls have been launched, rolled and kicked into every room of the main floor. After a few not too serious ball flying injuries, strange grinding noises, a frying motor mishap and annoying ball jamming resulting in very profane responses from me. (I finally have, thanks to Chris' help, not just one, but two ball pumps working with some fairly reliable results, which means I can finally get to the fun part of my GBC.)

Bricton Projects -
Rebuild of the Fire Station (complete), Hospital (progress) and Police Station (concept)
Airport (nearly complete)
Arena building (concept), interior... will have exchangeable "playing fields", hockey, soccer, and basketball (complete)

Wizard of Oz - original display has been dismantled to build Version Two (hopefully will be complete to display at the Hobby Show in Nov.)

OLBA(?) - moved to todays posting to include updates.

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