Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Current projects, continued

Train Layout... My row houses "run" from the above pic, has been "retired" to my own layout (Bricton) and I have started a new layout, and of course, after that has been displayed a few times, it also will be "retired" to my own layout.

(Note - this will be displayed sometime in Nov.)

- The Drive In Theatre - This idea, was totally pinched from Paul Jansen - aka Brickbuy. Built to hide my laptop to play BrickFilms and AFOL clips. (status - close to completion, still needs the sound system boxes, some tiles on the road way in, and the rest of the surrounding tile fence so it is completely enclosed.)

- The Silver Brick Diner - small fifties looking diner with tons of chrome.
(close to completion)

- Version Two of the Carousel - This time, not only does it revolve, (complete) but the horses will move up and down as well, that is, if I dont screw it up. (concept)
No pic, although you can catch part of it in a lake pic.

- Wind Gennys - 3 running off of micro motors

- The Kissing (Covered) Bridge -
(complete, unless I tile the ramp, which I probably wont, since I dont have stud hatred)

- Lake with Walking Bridge
(needs figs and more landscaping to be complete)

- Public Park - Tree, sandbox, jungle jim, slide, monkey bars, swings, etc.
No pic - location... to the left of this lake.

- Grave-yard - Small, fenced in.
(status - complete, unless I manage a back wall fence)

Still to come... a few plates of buildings and other restaurants. (various planning and building stages)


Sparky said...

All are looking spectacular--can't wait to see them at a show!
Keep up the awesome work!

Janey Red Brick said...

Thanks Dave, been fun working on a new layout and doing a few things that have been on my mind to build, such as the diner, and the theatre.