Saturday, May 27, 2006


Sort of creepy seeing your own head slowly rise from the over grown grass.... this would make a pretty cool Halloween display... a couple of hands... and some upturned turf... presto... all the kids would run away in screams!!!!

Lego Mosaics....

I really enjoy making Lego Mosaics, mainly because I find both the "Mosaic" and "Sculpture" closest in line with my first passion, art.

I was thinking about posting my most recent to Lugnet, but frankly, I just couldnt wrap my head around it... its just another Mosaic in a long line of Mosaics created by me, or by others.

So instead I decided to post here, with an abridged history of my mosaics...

My first attempt at a Lego Mosaic was a studs out version of a "photo fantasy" pic I had created ages ago.

Then, I was working on a large scaled Lego Brick, that has a micro world hidden inside, so I tried a studs up, with plates and bricks version of the Lego Logo. I had to use a bit of creative licence with the Logo to get it to read well enough in the small scale.

Then I went thru a whole stage of creating "Stained Glass" mosaics... studs up, bricks only... 15 of them (one stud deep) depicting the provincial flowers and 6 (2 studs deep) depicting the different countries flags that make up my children's heritage. The provincial flowers all still need some work, and one day I might actually accomplish that.

Somewhere along there, I started creating mosaics of the Lug logos of groups I am a member of, or participated with... (have a few more planned for that "Stack of Bricks")

Most recently I completed 2 other mosaics....
21 is a very basic looking studs out version of Eric Harshbarger's version of "Square Dissection". A Large square divided into 21 smaller sized squares. My version includes the following 19 embedded words (in order of appearance) ...enlightening, patience, justice, us, goal, art, time, sex, if, do, is, action, success, choice, love, fear, freedom, direction, expression.

And just last month I finished my trans tile mosaic of (once again, the) Lego Logo plus Brickshelf, Legofan, BrickFest, JLUG, and Lugnet favicons or icons.

Anyhow..... Fast forward to this week... I was playing with some one by twos, and decided to make another mosaic. Calum took a photo of me not too long ago, and I decided I would try using the overlapping one by two method, since it's a method I have not yet done. Anyhow, like many of the other mosaics, I underestimated the amount I would need to "finish"... I don't want to purchase more one by twos in red black, grey or white, because I know that its something that I will accumulate by default (by buying more tubs and sets).

So maybe one day I will add more rows to this current one, but for now,
Im calling it "done".

To see larger pics of any of the mosaics show here, please visit my brickshelf folder...


Anonymous said...

I know it was supposed to be a self portrait now. When I first saw it, I thought it was supposed to be Ozzie Osborne. I have no frame of reference about your appearance, but the resemblance to Ozzie is uncanny! Either way, Great work.

Janey Red Brick said...

LOL! Ill take that as a compliment.